Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to "Show Me a Story"

Welcome to the Show Me a Story blog where you will find book trailers, books and reviews, as well as purchase links, of the LDStorymakers authors. LDStorymakers, an authors association, is a collection of 99 LDS authors who have published books in either the regional or national markets.

You can find what you're looking for by clicking on any of the Labels. They will be categorized according to author names, bios, about the book, reviews and book trailers. Easy to locate, read and fall in love with the work of some of the best writers in the industry.

From the LDStorymakers site: LDStorymakers (pronounced "LDS Story Makers") started as an online e-mail group, the brainchild of best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes. Originally called ldssmallpresswriters, our group was designed as a home for published writers who were associated with small publishers—particularly those associated with the LDS market. From the comfort of their own homes, our members could offer help and seek advice from each other, polish their writing skills, and socialize with other authors who knew the ropes.

Within six months of its October 2002 founding, our group had grown to nearly twenty members, representing a wide variety of experience, genres, and market savvy. Although membership was small, we spanned the world, reaching as far as New Zealand and encompassing a potpourri of talent and lifestyles.

In the fall of 2003, we changed the name of our group to LDStorymakers to reflect our religious affiliation and the high ethical values we each strive to associate with our writing.

In no time at all, LDStorymakers had grown from a gaggle of strangers who knew very little about each other, to a gathering place for friends. Membership is open to all LDS published authors who meet our joining guidelines. (Click here to go to our Yahoo group site.)

We sponsor gatherings that benefit writers and readers alike. Our first event was an Authors Extravaganza in Sanpete County, Utah, at the Ephraim Public Library, where nine authors told about their writing life, their books, and how they got published. Door prizes and refreshments enlivened the proceedings. 70 readers attended to meet with their favorite author and stock up on winter reading material. Since then we have conducted several Extravaganzas and other signing events, with great success.

A Writers Conference was added to the mix in the spring of 2004. It was so successful that it has become a sought-after annual event. (Click here to learn more about our next Writers Conference.)

After our first Writers Conference, we organized a sister group to LDStorymakers, named after the theme of that 2004 conference: Authors Incognito. This online support group provides the same kind of support, comraderee, and information as our main group, but is designed specifically for aspiring writers and writers who have yet to be published. This dynamic group now boasts a membership of over 200. The only requirement for becoming a member of Authors Incognito is attendance at an LDStorymakers Writers Conference.

We also sponsor other events and activies, such as our Literacy Nights for Relief Society meetings. We produce a quarterly New Releases Newsletter for subscribers and fans of LDStorymakers (Click here for more information). And we're planning a Writers Cruise in the near future.

It has also been our great honor and pleasure to sponsor and host the Whitney Awards Academy, which has rapidly become THE award to receive in the LDS community. Books are nominated throughout the year by readers, then voted on by retail stores, publishers, authors, and other writing professionals. Awards are given in various genres, as well as a Best of the Year and Best by a New Author. (Click here for complete information about the Whitney Awards.) The Whitney Awards Academy is an independent subsidiary of LDStorymakers, Inc.

So sit back, enjoy and browse through this incredible catalog of books, book trailers and reviews.

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