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Anne Bradshaw Biography

Published Works: Famous Family Nights, Terracotta Summer, its sequel Chamomile Winter, and Please, No Zits! & Other Short Stories for LDS Youth.

Bio: Anne was born in Caernarvon, Wales, to London's Eve and Fred Tozer. She grew up in Cheshire, England. After marrying Bob Bradshaw, she lived in Daventry, Leiston, Southport, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield. The Bradshaws currently live in the USA and have four children, David, Linda, Jeff and Pete; and many grandchildren.

Anne's hobbies include family, walking, computers, herbal gardening, aromatherapy, photography, and genealogy.

"I've had some great experiences researching ancestors," she says. "I descend from people named Tozer, Barclay, Styles, Pattison, Guppy, Whall, Burgess, Tibbs, Minter, Scarfe, Godfrey, and Short, to name a few. The singer, Phil Collins, is in there too, on the Tozer line. He's my Dad's cousin's son."

While living in England, Anne sent articles and stories about British youth to the Church magazine, The New Era, a high quality glossy magazine with worldwide circulation. She also contributed Ensign British Isles Insert articles about members from the United Kingdom. Since living in America, Anne has authored four published books; co-authored two screenplays and two non-fiction books; and written countless articles.

"Writing is an exciting and satisfying experience," Anne says, "and is something I've wanted to do since childhood. I've kept a box of ideas and jottings for a long time, knowing one day they would get into books. And they did."

Anne's favorite things include walking in the rain on fresh cut grass; watching crashing waves before a storm; and sitting by a log fire on frosty winter nights.

Anne dislikes clusters of empty, tangled coat hangers that refuse to disengage; loud, fast-spoken TV ads; and anything cruel, unkind, unjust, or prejudiced.

Below are Nadine Drommond and Carolyn Croxton, who introduced The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints into Anne's life in 1964.

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